• The best Cloud apps use API's
    to connect together. Why not use
    the best of the best?
    Or would you rather have all your eggs...
  • Rapid Prototype Web
    Your web presence should be an expression of you. We help you create your vision.
    We teach how how to keep it fresh & relevant.
    ...not yearly, but Daily.
  • Video and Vine
    We don't create custom video. We show YOU how to create and publish custom video. At will and at zero marginal cost.

Who am Us ?

We are a collection of grammatical rebels and forward thinking creatives who share a fundamental belief in community and knowledge transfer.

You are already brilliant. You know it. We know it. Our mission is not about talking tech over your head – it is about educating and empowering the already-brilliant.

There is no magical misdirection here. No smoke and mirrors. No $350/hr (3hr minimum) charge for semi-coherent techno-dribble.

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A website is never just a website.

Just about any developer out there will be able to shuffle some ones and zeros and-for a nominal fee- come up with a polished product.

But, what happens next? Where is Igor to flip the switch and summon up the lightening that brings it all together? How do you give it life?

The writers, Developers, artists, social media experts, and innovators at CSToday believe that having a website- the vessel, if you will- is only the first step. You have to know how to use it. How to adapt it over time, and how to make it compelling.

Our team will work through the conceptual and developmental phases of your project to create a striking HTML5 responsive website that transitions seamlessly across platforms- but we don't stop there. Our team will also be there to assist you with professional copy-writing services, applied graphics, videography, and all of the know-how necessary to rank on highly competitive\ search engines.

Many of the greats (Jean Luc Picard) who came before us have dreamed of a world in which devices communicated wirelessly, computing was nearly instantaneous, and information and ideas could be effortlessly shared across vast distances.

That future is now.

Whether its cloud APIs, database migration, or document storage, the cloud offers highly customizable business solutions paired with HIPAA grade security.

Say goodbye to your 1990's era server and hello to cost-effective startup, virtually unrestricted access to all of your vital materials, and unlimited possibilities for collaboration.

It's not just for pictures of funny cats any more (even though we love those too.)

The advent of social media has generated a fundamental shift in the way we connect with others and interact with the world around us. Active engagement on blogging sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, and other social mediums is critical.

Trying to establish a web presence in the 21st century without including a few socials along the way is, at best, a job only half done. Just imagine Kirk and the USS Enterprise without Spock - it is highly illogical, captain.

We are here to help you select the socials that are best suited to your needs, help build your fan base, and then provide you with the necessary tools to take charge.

At CSToday our core philosophy stems from a fundamental belief in transparency, collaboration, and knowledge transfer.

We may be web-crafters, coders, graphic designers, writers, tweeters and techies- but we are, first and foremost, educators.

There is no man behind the curtain. All of our tools, our knowhow, and the training necessary to take over your web presence with confidence are yours. This means ownership stays right where it should, with you.

But because we love soft music and long walks on the beach, we are always here to hold your hand.

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